I offer a lot more than just running your auction

Live Auction

I’ll run your live auction, you can choose between a traditional podium style or a high-energy entertaining style. I love arriving at events early so I can meet as many guests as possible before the auction begins. 

Meeting guests before an auction helps build trust and gives me time to tell them about the auction lots in advance. 

Silent Auction

I’ll manage your silent auction by making sure your guests know what the lots are and how to bid. I’ll also host a 5 minute countdown to the close of the silent auction, which is very important to help push bids to their maximum.

Raffle Tickets

If you’re running a raffle then I’ll be more than happy to sell raffle tickets to your guests. KEY TIP – if a raffle ticket costs £10 each, always approach a table by saying ‘5 tickets for £50′ or ’10 tickets for £100’, as it encourages the table to buy a lot more tickets than just saying that the tickets are £10 each. 


A pledge can often become a bigger source of fundraising than the live auction and as such, it’s a crucial part of any fundraising event. This where your guests agree to donate money which is directly linked to your charity. If you’re unfamilar with what a pledge is, then I’ll be happy to give you plenty of support to plan the most effective way to run a pledge and I’ll host this on the evening.

Fundraising Games

I’ll happily play a host of fundraising games ranging from the easy ‘Heads or Tails’ game, right through to a more involved game show format game, I’ll be on hand to entertain your guests, whilst helping you smash your targets.

Pre-Event Consultation

I’ll have an in-depth consultation with you before your event getting clear about how we can best maximise your fundraising total. On request I’d be more than happy to give you my fundraising suggestions a well.