Performance Guarantee*

How I work out my fees?

I take a few things into consideration when working out my fees.

Firstly I look at the basics such as the location and what’s needed at the event. A local event which requires auctioneering only, is going to have a different price to an event that requires hosting, entertainment and auctioneering, which is 200 miles away.

Secondly I take into consideration the fundraising value that I can add to the event. If I feel I can completely blow my clients targets out of the water and take their level of fundraising to a new level, then this becomes another factor that I take into account.


Performance Guarantee

40%* of my fee will be REFUNDED if I under-perform

Hiring a charity auctioneer that you’ve never worked with can feel like a risk, especially when a significant amount of your annual fundraising comes from one main event in the year.

I mean, how do you really know if a charity auctioneer is going to be any good, until you’ve seen them in action? As much as you can talk to the auctioneer beforehand, you can never really know if they’re any good or not until they are in action and by that point it’s too late to do anything differently.

I’m so confident that I’ll SMASH your fundraising targets that you will be entitled to 40% of your money back, if I do not achieve the targets that we created before the event.

* terms apply, happy to share on request